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The Edmonton Buddhist Meditation Group is a small congregation practicing Serene Reflection Meditation under the direction of Reverend Master Koten Benson, Prior of Lions Gate Buddhist Priory. Reverend Master Kōten Benson is a Dharma Heir of the late Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, founder of The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives which has its North American headquarters at Shasta Abbey in Mount Shasta, California.

About the Edmonton Buddhist Meditation Group:

The Edmonton Buddhist Meditation Group is a smaller congregation-run meditation group that practices Serene Reflection Meditation. Also known as Soto Zen in Japan and Ts’ao-Tung in China. This practice emphasizes meditation, keeping of the precepts, and compassion. The group operates a meditation hall with an area for tea, Dharma talks, and other congregation activities within a member’s residence.

Organization details:

Edmonton Buddhist Meditation Group was incorporated as a Religious Society in 1979. Our practice is Serene Reflection Meditation, known as Soto Zen in Japan and Ts’ao-Tung in China. This practice emphasizes meditation and the keeping of the Precepts within the training of everyday life.

Reverend Master Kōten Benson:

Rev. Kōten Benson has been the Prior of Lions Gate Buddhist Priory since 1986. He is a Dharma Heir of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, founder of the OBC, who died in 1996. He was ordained in 1978 by Rev. Master Jiyu, and recognized by her as a Buddhist Master in 1983.

About Lions Gate Buddhist Priory:

The Priory has three monks in residence and is located at Dragon Flower Mountain, one hundred and sixty acres of land in the Botanie Valley, near the village of Lytton in the BC interior.


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  1. Bill Jensen says:

    I was one of the founding members of the Edmonton Buddhist Priory. It is great to see that you are still going strong . . .

    I ran across your site on the web and thought it would be nice to say hello and wish you all well.

  2. Ron hamilton says:

    I’m interested in wellness meditation. I have no experience in the meditation field and can you direct me

  3. We have two upcoming instruction dates: Jan. 29 and Feb. 5. Please feel free to attend either.

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