Dragon Flower

Buddha Plaque at Animal Cemetery Hotei Rock Jizo (Kshtigharba Boddhisattva) Shrine

The following information is from the web page of the Lions Gate Buddhist Priory at Dragon Flower Mountain in Lytton, B.C.

Schedule of Ceremonies and Retreats for 2017 at Lions Gate Buddhist Priory

General Notes

  • Dates and times may change; we will keep you informed.
  • Retreats and ceremonies will be held in Botanie Valley. If you plan to attend please contact us for details.
  • There is no charge for any of the Priory’s activities. The Priory and its monastic community are entirely supported by monetary and material donations, all of which are received with gratitude. We put out our offering bowls with faith that our needs will be met.
  • The Priory is a registered non-profit society, and donations made within Canada are eligible for a federal tax receipt. The Priory will be closed April 24 to May 1; and November 27 to December 4 in order to allow the monks time for monastic retreats.

Retreat Information

  • Retreats are open to all. Please let us know in advance if you are planning to attend.
  • We will arrange meditation instruction in our tradition if you have not yet received it. People are welcome to attend all or any part of a retreat. It would be helpful if you could let us know of your plans in advance.
  • Weekend retreats will start on Friday evening at 7:30 pm with Renewal of Vows, for those people who can make it, and end after a Sunday morning ceremony, except where noted. Many people find it convenient to arrive Saturday morning.
  • Seven-day retreats start on Sunday at 7:30 pm with Renewal of Vows, and end on Sunday morning with a ceremony. Arrivals and departures can be accommodated at other times, but please let us know in advance.
  • Our facilities are somewhat limited and primitive. It would be helpful (but not essential) if you could bring your own bedding and towels. Camping for tents, trailers, RVs etc is available.
  • Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary, allergy, health or other issues that we should know about.
  • We welcome any donations of food; please contact us before coming to see what’s needed.

Please note: Except where noted, ceremonies will take place in Botanie Valley. On Sundays, meditation will start at 10:00 am and is followed by the ceremony, approximately 10:30 am. Please contact us for details.

Schedule of Retreats and Ceremonies for 2018

February 11: Parinirvana (Buddha’s Death) Ceremony
February 18: Kwan Yin Ceremony (at Lytton Chinese History Museum)
March 11: Samantabhadra Ceremony
April 8: Manjusri Ceremony
April 22: Keizan Ceremony
May 20: Wesak Festival Ceremony ( at Prajnatara Hall on the property)
June 24: Kwan Yin Ceremony (at Lytton Chinese History Museum)
July 1: Achalanatha Ceremony
August 5: Baisajyaguru (Medicine Buddha) Ceremony
September 2: Segaki (Hungry Ghosts) Ceremony (at Segaki Lookout on
the property)
September 9: Dogen Ceremony
September 23: Kwan Yin Ceremony (at Kwan Yin statue, Fearlessness Peak
on the property)
October 7: Bodhidharma Ceremony
November 4: Founders Ceremony
November 11: Remembrance Day Ceremony
December 9: Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony
December 31: New Years Eve Meditation Vigil & Ceremony (at Prajnatara Hall
on the property)

May 13 – 20: WESAK RETREAT (7 Days)
June 29 – July 1: ACHALANATHA RETREAT (3 days)
August 3 – August 5: BHAISAJYAGURU RETREAT (3 Days)
September 16 – September 23: KWAN YIN RETREAT (7 Days)
October 5 – October 7: BODHIDHARMA RETREAT (3 Days)
November 2 – November 4: FOUNDERS RETREAT (3 Days)
November 9 – November 11: REMEMBRANCE DAY RETREAT (3 Days)

If you are interested in attending any retreat or ceremony, or in coming for a visit, please contact us. Our phone number is 250-999-3911; our email address is lionsgatebuddhistpriory@lyttonbc.net.

For more information, go to the priory website: