Weekly Schedule:

Sunday Meditation & Morning Service:

Sunday 10.00 a.m.

Wednesday Evening Service (Vespers) & Meditation

Wednesday 7.00 p.m.  NOTE: This meditation and service is temporarily cancelled. 

Sunday Meditation and Service

Includes about 45 minutes of meditation and 15 minutes of service. The service includes recitation of various sutras and the chanting of our lineage. This lasts about an hour in total.

Wednesday Evening Service

Includes recitation of the Vespers and about 40 minutes of meditation. This lasts about an hour in total.

Many of our regular members go to both Wednesday and Sunday service. There is no obligation to attend both or either one specifically. Aligning schedules and preferences for different types of service is a personal choice but regular practice is encouraged.

After our services we have tea and cookies then a dharma talk or informal discussion on issues of interest to members.

New to EBMG?

Please note that our services start promptly and late arrivals may be disruptive to others who are meditating. Please give yourself enough time to get settled and oriented before service starts. Additionally, early arrivals are welcome as there is always help needed with the sacristy and various other tasks to help maintain the service offered by the group.

We ask that those wishing to attend a service and meditation attend our Introduction to Meditation orientation before attending one of our services. Because we meet in a member’s private residence, we provide the address for our services at the Introduction to Meditation orientation session.

Our Practices:

Transfer of Merit: During service or by request via our email newsletter.

Service: Chanting of our lineage and recitation of sutras.

Shikantaza: Serene reflection sitting meditation. A Japanese term for Zazen.

Kinhin: Or walking meditation.

Zazen: Or sitting mediation.

Our practices are typically covered in our Introduction to Meditation class.

Special Events:

Retreats, Soto Zen study groups, visits by teachers and visiting monks, group travel to Soto Zen events and retreats, and the observance of various festivals and important dates or practices are announced regularly at services, and broadcast on our email newsletter. Please also watch the Home Page for notices of current or upcoming events.

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